Monday, October 25, 2010


   You wanna rhyme
                     and I'll let you sing
   You wanna fly high
                     I'll give you the wings
   You wanna go wild
                     I'll let you in a forest
   You wanna smile
                     I'll make a jest

              I'll be there for you always
   Whenever you're in dark, I'll send in the rays
        If you are feeling scared, I'll embrace
      If you're in despair, I'll give you the faith
                  Just love you always

   You wanna cry out loud
                           I'll amplify your voice
   You wanna have fun time
                           I'll make some noise
   You plan to battle down
                           I'll be your charioteer
   You seek for new ways
                           I'll be your navigator

                    I'll be with you forever
    Whenever you feel lonely, I'll turn you a raver
      If you're stuck with monotony, I'll endeavor
   If you wanna go outlaw, I'll give you the waiver
                  Just be with you forever

PS: I was finding it difficult to select the snap for this poem. My friend Puneet helped me out with this....A big thanks to him!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I saw you descending down the stairs
Your face so sweet and your cheeks so fair
And your smile that expresses many a things unsaid
And your glittering eyes raised a thunder in my head

I couldn't move further; I felt stagnant
To see your face once again I bent
And to hear your sound's sweetest melody
To see, touch and examine every part of your body

You are the one I ponder at night about
Cause you are the one that makes my heart pound
I wish you will lie besides me one night
All focused and we achieve the orgasms of height

I want to fulfill every desire of yours
I will prove that my love is pure
I want to give you the life's sweetest pleasure
Helping you discover its mystery and treasure

Thursday, September 2, 2010


To the humanity I am the biggest curse
I spread faster than any plague or virus
But anyway I ain't the one that's faulty
Cause you see- Man has only made me

I am fastening my steps, extending my approach
Be it a government employee or a celebrity, everyone I coach
I also solve the state affair as I reach the politicians
You may condemn me socially, but deeply I'll seek your appreciation

Perhaps I am a dirty word that one avoids to use
But I am widely practiced leaving no dues
I alter the judgment from bailiff in the court
I am the reason for polluting the sports

Although I am the reason for killing the spirit of any sport
But I compensate giving rise to many new games...
Sailing with flow in the boat
I am a gamer, I am a gambler
I bait you and I am your preacher

I will greet you even if you plan for higher studies
I will let in there with you, the dirty and the rowdies
I am a short cut method that glitters and attracts
I compromise poor and talented for the rich brats

And politicians and sportsmen are just to name a few
Though hidden, but even the common man is on the move
Cause conviction and victimization are the two faces
of the same coin..
Though heading in different directions but competing in same races

I am accused and always on the target
Yet never charged and always put on wait
I move on accelerating through new and a different way
I may land you somewhere, that resembles your goal...
But its apparent and from the real one that's far away

I may take long to be exposed and come in light
And many a times I remain uncovered even at infinite heights
I do harm many but that ain't my concern
Those who apply me assuming an ointment
Beware that I may heel at an instant
But finally I will have to burn

Cause I extend beyond the infinities
I have no peaks and no fixed ways
And the one you are playing your pranks on
May overtake you through a different way(ha ha)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Despite all luxuries something was missing
Every night i had dreams of you kissing
On my cheeks; Perhaps the kiss was awaited to dazzle
When in search of you i went through a castle

I went on till I couldn't get through and to you
The voices echoing from haunted walls were a boo
I was terrified but more was I desperate
Went on searching for you, leaving rest on fate

I saw your image in dreams but in diminished light
To un-blur that image and see you in bright
I went on being trapped and lured by bait
Seeing your image, I found you are my soul-mate

I loved the times we loved and fought
Living our lives and our dreams, we sought
Finding you I supposed, everything i bore
Your love was a mystery for me, yet to explore

Perhaps my queries took it far too away
I begin drowning as I left the bay
I couldn't realize throughout what's been your role
Unnoticed in rough, you were diamond in the coal

I was a fool, that you had always known
Always summed up my faults, the only cover I had own
All my wounds, did you only heal
But I guess, I always took it as a deal

I sat down reminiscing the time we spent together
When you were only thing to me, that did matter
When I hurt you and gave you the pain
Though you couldn't bear but you never complained

But after you left I realized your worth
You were perhaps the only purpose of my birth
Now I regret on my part for ever letting you go
Couldn't just sense that you will never turn up to show

Without you I wandered around like a zombie
Though previously I just cared for me
But now I am a changed man, killing all my ego
Just to locate you once and never letting you go

I found you in the crowd, cheering out with your allies
Or perhaps in an effort to survive, were you faking that smile?
When soon I found, for the first I was right
Hidden behind your untrue smile, there was a plight

In search of you I indeed found myself
Cause we co-exist as a single soul
Now I revise all my vows to make a greater impact
Together I want to live up our dreams rather making a pact

Saturday, August 14, 2010



My freedom is what I strive for
I long for it; being a hardcore
I desire to set myself free
Perhaps to escape or to flee

When I was born, I was tied in chains
I was tortured, given all sorts of pains
I got immuned and so endured
Kept on bearing it without being cured

Now perhaps the pain brought back my focus
I have stabilized cause I found my purpose
I can dare and bear whatsoever the consequence
Cause now I can take a stand with a poised stance

Moving without fear, that the spirits can sigh
Looking into their eyes with head held high
Turned a bruiser that can crush the rocks
Freedom embracing me, vision unpiling all blocks

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tired of trying to get rid off your past?
Perhaps to come out of it, you'd been running very fast
But the faster your run, the faster it chases you
You are perplexed and wonder what it owes to you

When you simply wanna let it go
Though you come across many who still waited in a row
You may indeed distance it, fastening your steps
The vestige of your soul detaches and drops over there
That clings by you and never let it go
And everytime you look back it turns up to show

Its like a mirror
You'll see your image there
You wonder that you are paranoid
But you'll keep running to avoid

After so many efforts if you still find yourself helpless
Just sit down over there, take a deep breath and relax
Life will go on as it always do
So will your past run, overtaking you
The part of your soul now runs ahead
Once again it reflects your image

Then again you race but not to run away
Now you run to follow and chase
Cause thats the only place where you can see the shade
Thats now what you got to seek in future
Though you gave in to detatch but was always around
And is something that always keeps you bound
Until you found
Once you fall in you never come out

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


P.S. This poem has been fashioned to rhyme in a rap

Girls brought up professionally ain't no more charmed with soft toys
The generation has given them much to exploit, the desperate boys
They make these boys dance to their beats
Once used up, the boy further won't receive any greets
They suck these boys from deep inside
Though these boys can't afford but they still hide

Boys learn to groove and follow the steps
Warned by other boys, they'd say-"Cut the crap"

Just to seek from them a hi or hello
They go on chasing after them like a mad buffalo
Looking at any girl they fall in crush
When friends try to confirm, they deny and secretly blush
They go on sacrificing and trying their luck
To pass some time with them, they'll spend loads of bucks

For once they would even give up their self pride
I guess somewhere their soul has died
After being ditched they spend whole night crying
Thinking themselves to be useless, they feel like dying
Perhaps that is the only purpose of their birth
To serve that girl were they brought down to earth

But these boys are desperate and very determined
They'll say to them "never say die cause its worth giving in"
They once again begin to gamble with their life
They got a longing of being pronounced as man and wife
They have got to make it before its too late
Perhaps an extra effort may change their fate

Something really one has got to pick up from these men
That's their attitude-"I think I can"

Now wake up dumb asses before its too late
You'll end up dreaming while life keep on shutting for you every gate
In the end you'll find there is nowhere you made
And nothing you got, just their bills unpaid

Thursday, July 1, 2010


She was dressed in a bright pink top
To the center position did she drop
She must be on a freak out with her allies
They alone were forming many different rallies

Herd of charm where few seductive
But to me she was the most attractive
She was the one most distinguished by
I gathered her eye lashes bowing down in shy

She was just in a glimpse that I could sigh
Though for a moment but my blood rouse high
And thoughts of her didn't shut down that early
To see her in dreams I slept eagerly
Now that I don't see her in my dreams any less
And these dreams won't just go to nothingness

I just don't ponder any rare
To steal her single glance I would do any dare
Her beauty will always remain a mystery
To define her couldn't locate any word in dictionary
Somewhere unturned in pages of my story
My secret crush will soon be a history

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You begin your game
At first you lame
To and fro
You seek and go
It develops some pain
Drench in it like you were bathing in rain
You get used to it and endurance turns high
Layered up with pain, initial ones no more sigh
Grown as a part of you, now won't give it a damn
Evolves as if from a tree, it is a growing stem

All of a sudden you strike the phase
Not deviated by pain, somewhere there you locate the ace
You assume its getting dissolved in you
To settle it permanently, you fix the screw
You are on to just seize that moment
To live there, you'll pay any rent
You wish that moment may never end
Strictly its yours and not to lend

The screws are rusted and become so tight
You are sure that it is fixed quite right
You think that it will never come out
Regarding it you won't carry any doubt

Not much time it takes
When it rusts and breaks
Something you couldn't just anticipate
Or maybe you did but at a slower rate

You see the clouds moving away from underneath your sky
Your thirst was not fully quenched, still you were dry
You try to run chasing the clouds
But the rust on your thread, keeps you bound
Then brightly the sun shines
Finally you bade good bye
Hope is still alive, the clouds will once again shower
It does but this time makes the land devour

You lose the game, try detaching it from you
But the vestigial remains of it still lies
Gives no good vibes, rather erupts the pain that never dies

Friday, May 28, 2010


It ain't necessary to have others' view
You just gotta know who are you

It ain't necessary to be socially accepted
You gotta have justifications for how you acted

It ain't necessary to do what others' want
You gotta pursue what you can take on grant

It ain't necessary to do everything
But somewhere you gotta tune well your strings

It ain't necessary to be on the directed track
You must have clue to design your own map

It ain't necessary to always have a profitable deal
Sometimes you should do what you feel

It ain't necessary to grab every opportunity
Sometimes you gotta surrender to your destiny

It ain't about the quality and making it bulk
Its about the quality to make it hulk

It ain't necessary to be superior to others
You should learn to share like you are brothers

It ain't necessary to always have it on goal
Especially when it costs you your soul

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was blessed being born as your son
Learning every little thing from you was a fun
Knowing how to speak and how to walk
All this I owe to you and still there is much to talk

As a child, I might have never mind and known
But now I am grown up and got to be on my own
Grateful that you taught me how to run
But directing me all the way, is not done
Cause it ain’t about what you have planned for me
But all about how I want it to be

I know regarding me you have some dreams
The ones if I live up to, will make you beam
I am indebted to you for bothering about my future
But now it is growing more like a torture
I may be sounding very rude
But this ain’t anyway the truth
Deciding their future, is everyone’s right
So is mine and I’ve got to fight

Maybe you see me standing somewhere distinct
But I won’t go far with it, as there I lack that instinct
And perhaps I will shine but like a moon
With the borrowed light, that departs soon
And I’ve got to shine like the sun
And to illuminate, I’ll myself burn

You were an ideal son;
Lived up to the expectations of your father
Kept your own interests at a bay, rather
Perhaps its been the family trend since the past
But now its time we should make it last

I tried handing over to you, assuming you were right
But now I am so obsessed and it has reached the height
And today, if I hand over to you this charge
It will grow uncontrolled and very large
I would turn to my sons to compensate
To fulfill my wishes putting their on wait

It was your duty to think about my future
So is mine; I too have to let my sons nurture
That today I am going against this prejudiced tradition
Cause somewhere it has to begin for the coming generations

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I do have the words to speak
But a rhyme is all I need
That gives my voice a melody
Making me sound better and steady
I do have thoughts to ponder
But an expression is all I need
That may add to me some rationality
Taking a step forward towards reality

Though I've got many teachers to learn from
But a 'mentor' is all I need
One who can spot out my Achilles' heel
Skills me thoroughly, turning me flawless

Though I do have friends to freak
But a soul-mate is all I need
The one that causes my heart to beat
Always giving me a consistent heat

Though I have passions to achieve
But love of life is all I need
Making me surrender blindly to it
Sharpening my vision, targeting to hit

Though I have got a meaning of my being
But a purpose of life is all I need
Moving for it, so I never turn back
Climbing the heights, gaining what I lack

Thursday, May 13, 2010


To me, it was all a new land                       
None to help, lending their hand  
I wanted to move back, tried to flee                          
But you made up to me, holding me firmly

Every day, with the arrival of dawn, I opened my eyes
Turning them out of the window, expecting something better to sigh                               
But a terrible scenario struck, kept me waiting for night                              
You came to me and my day could pass alright

I wanted to relax at night, laid me down to sleep                                
In the darkness of night, to my bed, I did leap                    
The nightmares haunted and I heard few frightening screams
But you came to my thoughts and I had sweet dreams

On the boulevard, I began creeping          
All began tossing me as I wasn’t leaving                
I had no option left, than to run                                                    
You stood by me, giving me the courage to face the sun  

Walking alone, leery and in deep sorrow
None such, with whom a piece of advice I could borrow                       
I couldn’t survive as I had no ace                        
You were telepathic with me and provided me solace


After getting through, I walked to the hall of fame
Where all were singing praises of my name   
I squirmed along as I was a new face                                                       
Your mere touch stabilized me and offered the grace

Something still I had to search                                         
It was my soul that was on perch      
To somewhere safe and sound, I wanted to land                
You took me to depth, giving me the stand                                                       

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can see a charm in your face
But that's got to be beautified
I'll add up as a diamond on you
So together we shine and glorify

I can see your eyes are intoxicating
But still you got to pour some wine
I'll further add to your hang over
So together we are lost in a different world

I can realize your words being true
But still you've got to prove
I'll search for evidences and make the claim
So together we'll come out of all the blames

I can see a flash in your soul
But that has yet to be ignited
I'll spark up to put on the fire
So together we'll burn and enlighten

I can feel the magic in your hands
But still you've got to wave your wand
I'll teach you all the spells
So together we'll do some miracles

I can see the pace in your steps
But still you've got to accelerate
I'll give to your game, an ultimate ace
So together we'll run winning every race

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


All I was set to make a difference
Tried keeping a pace with my sense
Got to initiate on my own
An underdog, unnoticed, I moved on

While I was through the first lap
Got into light, had rivals by
Someone knocked and said, I was on wrong track
Pretending dumb and trying deaf, pondered what he meant

Distracted, I got struck with a weir on way
I fall on the ground and wounded my knee
Got up and begin to walk again
I realized my knee had pain

While on the track itself, I took a break
Gave a thought again, prior to second take
Could figure out what went wrong on the way
Accelerating fast was envying my fellow mates

Soon I gained back my consciousness
I marched again with a better aim
Though I didn't give it my very damn
Still I could clear the lap

The journey didn't end up at all
Crowd screamed aloud, to cheer me out
Didn't remember, this time it was a hurdle race
Overjoyed with the cheer ups, I lost my pace

 I struck with a hurdle, had a fall on ground
With a greater bang than the previous one
Had a greater impact on my mind
And I couldn't really make up this time

This made me lay on a bed
All day there, I had to rest
Tried thinking about it all over again
But pulled back, as I still had the pain

The haunts of the past experiences didn't last that early
I grew hopeless and had given up nearly
Then through a gap, to my bed, came a flash of light
Enough to focus, and for the fire within to ignite

While still recovering, I had given in again
I went into depth and tried to gain
Sharpened my vision, laying a stronger base
While still laying, I could anticipate

Soon the wounds heel, got me back on the track
Had enough in me now, to overcome those set backs
In the end, victory was mine and I realized
"Getting into depth, made me rise"

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A longing in life
A passion that ain't right
A soul grown desperate in a while
A craving, to have it this time

All say that you aren't true
I am aware and got the clue
You'll be my apocalypse indeed
Still tempted to do the deed

I try coming out of it
Something in you, I strive for it
Can't push out this hang over
No choice left, than to hand over

Previous encounters did make me count
Traces of it, still there and keeps me bound
Got to surrender and let it be
So, helplessly, I fall over for my destiny

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I tried being my very best
To get to you, leaving all the rest
But all my efforts did go in vain
Leaving me no where, but drenched in pain

I wanted to make it last anyhow
Then I thought it was a closure now
But every time you have been around
Driven out of the senses, I fall on the ground

Every time I strike with a new phase
Nothing I can see, other than your face
You've overruled my mind throughout the past
I wonder now, when it will come to last

I wish to flip and turn the time back
To make up to you finally, so i never have to pack
I want the nightmares to be pushed out of my sight
So I can sleep with sweet dreams all the night

Monday, April 12, 2010


For once I want to be in the haunted house
To see the spirits dancing, getting arouse
To have a greater impact on my mind forever
To embed you in my heart and lose you never

For once I want to taste the wine
To be lost in your beauty, so divine
To love you more with greater dedication
To own in life something out of passion

For once I want to be yours totally
To be surrounded by your image, immortally
To feel the love that is around
To bliss my soul, being deep and sound

 For once I want to make up to you
To make vows of being true with you
To make you realize what you mean to me
To go on together as we are destined to be

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cause it wasn't about doing and just giving it a try
I set my sails off to get across the bay
I rowed to direct the boat my way
But it were the waves that took it away

When it wasn't about reaching but seeing the target
I moved on to have the clearest view
The road was diminished in the mist of dew
Until I could end up, landing on the target I knew

Then it wasn't about winning and just getting through
I shut the rest and focused on my very next
Every new step turned up to be my best
In the end I stood better than the rest

At last it wasn't about living but merely surviving
I inhaled the air to pump up myself
I realized and enjoyed how this all went
I lived a lifetime that I did intend

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey the little one-"What makes you cry?"
Ah! Let me guess-That's perhaps the broken toy
You were involved in it 24X7 and got used to it
Or maybe you lost that was nearest to your heart
Oh no! Its your parents this time who lost their dearest
And that's 'YOU', they got so used to
I understand how does it feel like and I am sorry
But listen dear- Its insane and more is me
Because I can't explain 'HOW?' and 'WHY?'
For the most I can hug you and pat on your back
I can get you a candy and a new toy
To console you and plead you not to cry
But I know that won't help cause you are just five

And turning to your parents
Expecting them to have a better sight
I found them also crying- I wonder why?
To them, it must be known that there is nothing they own
All this is a glimpse of the mighty, that is soon to pass by
But as they grow, they are drown
Sinking and mingled with the fake worldly delights

You are just a bud of flower, that's yet being nurtured
Got your own world surrounded by roses
That fragrant the air around you and you breathe it
Whenever there is a storm, its the elder ones
That wake up without letting you know
They fight and safeguard you until they die
But never let disappear the apple of their eye

When you are exposed you realize your fate
You come to know life is an ordeal to face
You've got to fight your own battles
Sometimes you win while others you lose
Victory is what lifts you up
Every lost battle counts and yanks you down
But its all about how you shape your base
That keeps you fly high
Till you end up winning the race

And probably it will be too late
Might be just prior to your death bed
That you realize nothing is yours
Everything you earned in life adds up to your debts
One you have got to pay when you were about to leave
Cause this life is all about giving up in the end
What we receive

In your mean time whatever you lost
Actually had never been yours
And what belongs to you is never lost
But you can't even claim this life being yours
A day in everyone's life when they die
And all goes to nothingness
"So hush dear baby and please don't cry"

Friday, March 19, 2010


I am climbing a new height everyday
Getting close to the stars, befriending a few
Shall be shaking hands in a day or two
Almost touching the sky; so close
The one I used to interact with during the summer nights
Laying in the open space, counting the stars and their heights
All figure it out to be my destiny
But none cares to justify

In my child days, I climbed up stairs
After resting for a while jumped from there
Many times, got it right, aroused confidence in me
While few times, disbalanced;
Broke my knee, yet never weep
Muddy hands, washed them up
Laughed and delighted, again marched up
Looking at past, I always smile
But never a moment when laughter strikes

Cause I didn't want to fly in air, just swim in sea
Birds are less trustworthy than fishes underneath
Though birds fly high in air, but not persistently
And may come to rest on ground, eventually
Unlike the fishes that never abandon the ocean around
So, I prefer drowning to fall on ground
Also that it bears a lesser impact and
Always probable to locate an island nearby
Better to be on surface than draping so high

Maybe to the world, I stand as a trademark of success
But I am no merchant, so unaware with my own business
Scanning my soul, detected a deep void
Echoing aloud the pebbles, few heard, didn't get into deep
Said was narrating the story of my steps to glory
Far away from poetry, still trying to rhyme today
Never alerted my conscience, burned my soul deep inside
Guess that is enough on my part now to confess
I am a failure of time, perhaps

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Its vain to argue
Its accepted and is true
We are lagging in comforts
We are the victims in the world

The moment we are born, the counting is reversed
The moment we try to develop, we are harassed
When we start dreaming, we are wake up
When we start breathing, air is cut

We are not the masters of the will
We are not hailed but still
We are living and with a hope
We are just trying our best to cope

A meaningless life with no reasons
A passing of time with no favors
A thought of leading further, does frustrate
All we do is put to wait

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I used to be a day dreamer
Gold and silver all floated in rivers
All i dreamt was power and wealth
Didn't just care for all the rest

With growing maturity, begin to realize
All the materials were setting bait
Trying to trap and alter my mind
Stealing away my inner conscience

Flowing with the wind, I lost my control
Unable to decide where to head for
The weather calmed down, stability headed my way
With a sudden blow of time, I was taken away

Possibilities begin to arrive my way
Yet a fear of the following day
But was comforting and gave me pleasure
All I thought was making the vision sharper

Thursday, January 14, 2010

HOLD ME........

Hold me during day and night
Let there not be a chance of escape
Walking with your hand in mine
Never letting me down in life

Hold me when I am asleep
All I dream is you and your's
Keeping pure my body, heart and soul
Breeding serenity all around

Hold me when i lose it all
Offering the strength to gain back
Relaxing with a deep breath
Again prepared to take the test

Hold me when I clear it
Never forgetting you against the virtue
If ever, hold firmer, snatch my breath
You make a count on my pulses after death