Thursday, July 1, 2010


She was dressed in a bright pink top
To the center position did she drop
She must be on a freak out with her allies
They alone were forming many different rallies

Herd of charm where few seductive
But to me she was the most attractive
She was the one most distinguished by
I gathered her eye lashes bowing down in shy

She was just in a glimpse that I could sigh
Though for a moment but my blood rouse high
And thoughts of her didn't shut down that early
To see her in dreams I slept eagerly
Now that I don't see her in my dreams any less
And these dreams won't just go to nothingness

I just don't ponder any rare
To steal her single glance I would do any dare
Her beauty will always remain a mystery
To define her couldn't locate any word in dictionary
Somewhere unturned in pages of my story
My secret crush will soon be a history


  1. this secret crush will soon be a history bt der are lots of dem to come....well good one

  2. hey buddy......its awesome yrr....
    coolll i must say u hav a bright future wid that ...keep going..