Monday, August 30, 2010


Despite all luxuries something was missing
Every night i had dreams of you kissing
On my cheeks; Perhaps the kiss was awaited to dazzle
When in search of you i went through a castle

I went on till I couldn't get through and to you
The voices echoing from haunted walls were a boo
I was terrified but more was I desperate
Went on searching for you, leaving rest on fate

I saw your image in dreams but in diminished light
To un-blur that image and see you in bright
I went on being trapped and lured by bait
Seeing your image, I found you are my soul-mate

I loved the times we loved and fought
Living our lives and our dreams, we sought
Finding you I supposed, everything i bore
Your love was a mystery for me, yet to explore

Perhaps my queries took it far too away
I begin drowning as I left the bay
I couldn't realize throughout what's been your role
Unnoticed in rough, you were diamond in the coal

I was a fool, that you had always known
Always summed up my faults, the only cover I had own
All my wounds, did you only heal
But I guess, I always took it as a deal

I sat down reminiscing the time we spent together
When you were only thing to me, that did matter
When I hurt you and gave you the pain
Though you couldn't bear but you never complained

But after you left I realized your worth
You were perhaps the only purpose of my birth
Now I regret on my part for ever letting you go
Couldn't just sense that you will never turn up to show

Without you I wandered around like a zombie
Though previously I just cared for me
But now I am a changed man, killing all my ego
Just to locate you once and never letting you go

I found you in the crowd, cheering out with your allies
Or perhaps in an effort to survive, were you faking that smile?
When soon I found, for the first I was right
Hidden behind your untrue smile, there was a plight

In search of you I indeed found myself
Cause we co-exist as a single soul
Now I revise all my vows to make a greater impact
Together I want to live up our dreams rather making a pact

Saturday, August 14, 2010



My freedom is what I strive for
I long for it; being a hardcore
I desire to set myself free
Perhaps to escape or to flee

When I was born, I was tied in chains
I was tortured, given all sorts of pains
I got immuned and so endured
Kept on bearing it without being cured

Now perhaps the pain brought back my focus
I have stabilized cause I found my purpose
I can dare and bear whatsoever the consequence
Cause now I can take a stand with a poised stance

Moving without fear, that the spirits can sigh
Looking into their eyes with head held high
Turned a bruiser that can crush the rocks
Freedom embracing me, vision unpiling all blocks