Friday, March 19, 2010


I am climbing a new height everyday
Getting close to the stars, befriending a few
Shall be shaking hands in a day or two
Almost touching the sky; so close
The one I used to interact with during the summer nights
Laying in the open space, counting the stars and their heights
All figure it out to be my destiny
But none cares to justify

In my child days, I climbed up stairs
After resting for a while jumped from there
Many times, got it right, aroused confidence in me
While few times, disbalanced;
Broke my knee, yet never weep
Muddy hands, washed them up
Laughed and delighted, again marched up
Looking at past, I always smile
But never a moment when laughter strikes

Cause I didn't want to fly in air, just swim in sea
Birds are less trustworthy than fishes underneath
Though birds fly high in air, but not persistently
And may come to rest on ground, eventually
Unlike the fishes that never abandon the ocean around
So, I prefer drowning to fall on ground
Also that it bears a lesser impact and
Always probable to locate an island nearby
Better to be on surface than draping so high

Maybe to the world, I stand as a trademark of success
But I am no merchant, so unaware with my own business
Scanning my soul, detected a deep void
Echoing aloud the pebbles, few heard, didn't get into deep
Said was narrating the story of my steps to glory
Far away from poetry, still trying to rhyme today
Never alerted my conscience, burned my soul deep inside
Guess that is enough on my part now to confess
I am a failure of time, perhaps

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Its vain to argue
Its accepted and is true
We are lagging in comforts
We are the victims in the world

The moment we are born, the counting is reversed
The moment we try to develop, we are harassed
When we start dreaming, we are wake up
When we start breathing, air is cut

We are not the masters of the will
We are not hailed but still
We are living and with a hope
We are just trying our best to cope

A meaningless life with no reasons
A passing of time with no favors
A thought of leading further, does frustrate
All we do is put to wait