Friday, May 28, 2010


It ain't necessary to have others' view
You just gotta know who are you

It ain't necessary to be socially accepted
You gotta have justifications for how you acted

It ain't necessary to do what others' want
You gotta pursue what you can take on grant

It ain't necessary to do everything
But somewhere you gotta tune well your strings

It ain't necessary to be on the directed track
You must have clue to design your own map

It ain't necessary to always have a profitable deal
Sometimes you should do what you feel

It ain't necessary to grab every opportunity
Sometimes you gotta surrender to your destiny

It ain't about the quality and making it bulk
Its about the quality to make it hulk

It ain't necessary to be superior to others
You should learn to share like you are brothers

It ain't necessary to always have it on goal
Especially when it costs you your soul

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was blessed being born as your son
Learning every little thing from you was a fun
Knowing how to speak and how to walk
All this I owe to you and still there is much to talk

As a child, I might have never mind and known
But now I am grown up and got to be on my own
Grateful that you taught me how to run
But directing me all the way, is not done
Cause it ain’t about what you have planned for me
But all about how I want it to be

I know regarding me you have some dreams
The ones if I live up to, will make you beam
I am indebted to you for bothering about my future
But now it is growing more like a torture
I may be sounding very rude
But this ain’t anyway the truth
Deciding their future, is everyone’s right
So is mine and I’ve got to fight

Maybe you see me standing somewhere distinct
But I won’t go far with it, as there I lack that instinct
And perhaps I will shine but like a moon
With the borrowed light, that departs soon
And I’ve got to shine like the sun
And to illuminate, I’ll myself burn

You were an ideal son;
Lived up to the expectations of your father
Kept your own interests at a bay, rather
Perhaps its been the family trend since the past
But now its time we should make it last

I tried handing over to you, assuming you were right
But now I am so obsessed and it has reached the height
And today, if I hand over to you this charge
It will grow uncontrolled and very large
I would turn to my sons to compensate
To fulfill my wishes putting their on wait

It was your duty to think about my future
So is mine; I too have to let my sons nurture
That today I am going against this prejudiced tradition
Cause somewhere it has to begin for the coming generations

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I do have the words to speak
But a rhyme is all I need
That gives my voice a melody
Making me sound better and steady
I do have thoughts to ponder
But an expression is all I need
That may add to me some rationality
Taking a step forward towards reality

Though I've got many teachers to learn from
But a 'mentor' is all I need
One who can spot out my Achilles' heel
Skills me thoroughly, turning me flawless

Though I do have friends to freak
But a soul-mate is all I need
The one that causes my heart to beat
Always giving me a consistent heat

Though I have passions to achieve
But love of life is all I need
Making me surrender blindly to it
Sharpening my vision, targeting to hit

Though I have got a meaning of my being
But a purpose of life is all I need
Moving for it, so I never turn back
Climbing the heights, gaining what I lack

Thursday, May 13, 2010


To me, it was all a new land                       
None to help, lending their hand  
I wanted to move back, tried to flee                          
But you made up to me, holding me firmly

Every day, with the arrival of dawn, I opened my eyes
Turning them out of the window, expecting something better to sigh                               
But a terrible scenario struck, kept me waiting for night                              
You came to me and my day could pass alright

I wanted to relax at night, laid me down to sleep                                
In the darkness of night, to my bed, I did leap                    
The nightmares haunted and I heard few frightening screams
But you came to my thoughts and I had sweet dreams

On the boulevard, I began creeping          
All began tossing me as I wasn’t leaving                
I had no option left, than to run                                                    
You stood by me, giving me the courage to face the sun  

Walking alone, leery and in deep sorrow
None such, with whom a piece of advice I could borrow                       
I couldn’t survive as I had no ace                        
You were telepathic with me and provided me solace


After getting through, I walked to the hall of fame
Where all were singing praises of my name   
I squirmed along as I was a new face                                                       
Your mere touch stabilized me and offered the grace

Something still I had to search                                         
It was my soul that was on perch      
To somewhere safe and sound, I wanted to land                
You took me to depth, giving me the stand                                                       

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can see a charm in your face
But that's got to be beautified
I'll add up as a diamond on you
So together we shine and glorify

I can see your eyes are intoxicating
But still you got to pour some wine
I'll further add to your hang over
So together we are lost in a different world

I can realize your words being true
But still you've got to prove
I'll search for evidences and make the claim
So together we'll come out of all the blames

I can see a flash in your soul
But that has yet to be ignited
I'll spark up to put on the fire
So together we'll burn and enlighten

I can feel the magic in your hands
But still you've got to wave your wand
I'll teach you all the spells
So together we'll do some miracles

I can see the pace in your steps
But still you've got to accelerate
I'll give to your game, an ultimate ace
So together we'll run winning every race