Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You begin your game
At first you lame
To and fro
You seek and go
It develops some pain
Drench in it like you were bathing in rain
You get used to it and endurance turns high
Layered up with pain, initial ones no more sigh
Grown as a part of you, now won't give it a damn
Evolves as if from a tree, it is a growing stem

All of a sudden you strike the phase
Not deviated by pain, somewhere there you locate the ace
You assume its getting dissolved in you
To settle it permanently, you fix the screw
You are on to just seize that moment
To live there, you'll pay any rent
You wish that moment may never end
Strictly its yours and not to lend

The screws are rusted and become so tight
You are sure that it is fixed quite right
You think that it will never come out
Regarding it you won't carry any doubt

Not much time it takes
When it rusts and breaks
Something you couldn't just anticipate
Or maybe you did but at a slower rate

You see the clouds moving away from underneath your sky
Your thirst was not fully quenched, still you were dry
You try to run chasing the clouds
But the rust on your thread, keeps you bound
Then brightly the sun shines
Finally you bade good bye
Hope is still alive, the clouds will once again shower
It does but this time makes the land devour

You lose the game, try detaching it from you
But the vestigial remains of it still lies
Gives no good vibes, rather erupts the pain that never dies