Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Do you know what it takes?
To be in a place
Where you can't pull off
Where the time stops
And you can't move on
While you see your soul's gone

Do you know how it feels?
To be caught in a cage of steel
Where you can't just fly away
Where its dark even during the day
And you are being smothered
Soon you can't breathe but you aren't even bothered

Do you know how it ends?
To have lived your life in a pretend
Where you can't be yourself
Where you fake so you can delve
And you keep waiting for the moment
When you can stop paying the rent

Do you know how it begins?
To be in a region
Where no one recognizes your face
Where you can't hold the grace
And you wonder if prison was better
But you are lost in the new world and nothing else matters

Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Something is bounding
Something retrieving
Something I am losing
But still a sense of achieving

Winding up from the guilt of exploiting paramour
A lot I got but still I want more
Wind blows and the truth unfolds
Expected to be sunny but its freezing cold

Living on the edge
I don't need a badge
When young boys in their teen dream of a night stand
Few got a six string and they formed the band

In the times of despair when those words didn't console
Silence encroached and it played its role
I analysed and went deeper in my own soul
I am what i can desire of and that's been my goal

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because I had the urge


I had the urge to walk into the woods deep within
I wanted to explore that beauty kept hidden
Without a clue I headed on
Kept hiking until it was dawn
I came by the pond side
Being surrounded by the fireflies
Hovering over the pond in the hazy flash
Like they are bading good byes to the morning skies

I had the urge to squeeze you in my arms so tight
I wanted to attain the orgasms of the infinite height
Couldn't just guess how you'd response
Still I kept kissing you on and on
Then there was a situation
You weren't under any obligation
You made the space between us zero
The day ended and I was your hero

I had the urge to have a desire
I waited desperately till I was set on fire
Didn't even know what I needed to gain
Kept struggling until I was drenched in pain
All of a sudden I was wandering in your land
I could sense you, that served as a stand
We approached each other and it was just you
That my escaping heart beats were kept due

I had the urge to fall in love
To feel and to sense all above
Never I knew would I make it to you
Yet my overflowing love did flow up to you
When I discovered you were charmed
Extending further, I didn't consider any harm
We were dissolving, rather we were on the roll
Now we exist together as a single soul

I had the urge to set it all free
I didn't care further if its you or me
Without caring for the outcome, I pushed it on
We chased it like grasses spreading by running in the lawn
But we merely ended up in a crash
And we scatterd all over like the ash
Perhaps we were tied by some unseen fate
Our destiny was to be each other's soul mate

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Encroaching the brain and rescuing glory

A thing that surrounds and can't escape
Smothering and bound yet I couldn't make
When it was pushing inside and I didn't realise
I thought it was just for a while but it was encroaching my mind

Every part of my brain kept surrendering and being occupied
I was ruled over and served as a slave to the deeds

Needed some revolution to throw it out
When the idea of being ruled over was a doubt
Taken for granted, I was hanged
How it fucked me in the end?

It stole my glory, I assumed was divine
Decided to earn it back, so hard to find

But it was rebounding and the mere idea was enough
Occupying my brain once again
I knew what to do to plant the seeds back
I thought its not bad to surrender, what the heck?

The battle was on once again
I didn't turn up to see until the end
How many soldiers were shot dead on each side
Until one day when I read that story
With my morning tea & toast, I was delivered to glory

Thursday, March 17, 2011


    It was a bright and sunny weekend and the end of the financial year was approaching. Recession proved to be descenting for his business. He drowned in loss. But the government policies still demanded him to pay his taxes. Due to downsizing he couldn't even manage to afford an employee to perform such clerical calculations on his behalf. So he sat down on his own in his study but not for studying but rather to calculate his revenues, maintaining balance sheets and other clerical works.

    In the mid of these activities, he recalled the days of his glory when his business soared to peaks and how this influenced every social aspect of his life and hailed his reputation, built up his relation with every current minister in power making all his jobs go by smoothly. Then how its downfall permeated his beautiful world in a negative sense. The news of his downfall now overran the town and was stunning.

    While at work he was a rude and terrifying boss. He would often speak harsh to his employees, swear at them. He had all those restrictive policies implemented in his office which were against the welfare of his employees. He was religiously fanatical and offended the employees of other religions blasmphemously. So all his employees were directed against him.
    He was no better at home. Infact he was quite frightening. He would often beat up his children severely or punish them and scold his wife for petty issues. His wife was elegant and stunningly beautiful. Her name was Jessica. She was only one sympathetic with him hitherto. She was the one who had acknowledge his evolution to power and the hard work involved in it. Rather she stood by him in all his decisions but he took no notice of it. He claimed that everything he achieved was due to his own hard work. He didn't consider it necessary to give others credit for their good work. In the midst of all these thoughts, he doze off and while still on the chair he had an afternoon nap.

    He was no longer in his study. He was driving to his office but it was still sunny. He was still unable to make an interpretation of what will follow next. Soon the weather turned up to be thunderous and it was frightening and the street lights died out. It was dark. Then through a beam he saw his bodyguard John, who was shot dead an year ago while he was trying to save his master. He reckoned he was carrying a weapon which was aimed at him and was marching towards him. Soon he realized the weapon he was carrying was AK 47.

    John said in a high pitched voice- "Hello Martin"

    At first he stammered but then muttered slowly, more to himself- "Hello John"

    "How are you, you shrewd git?" said John
    "But you were dead?" said Martin
    "Yes, I guess the same so. You were expecting me to be dead and lying in my grave while my wife and son are starving. I died saving you. Wasn't it your responsibility to take care of them after I died for you", said John
    "But that was preconditioned in the job otherwise I won't have hired you", said Martin
    "So for the sake of humanity, didn't you have an urge to help my family in the time of their
difficulties", said John

    "But I sent them a cheque..." replied Martin

    "Oh yes. A cheque worth 5000$. Do you think it is functional in the time of inflation? You are insane. You reckon you did justice to my family?" said John
    "You are being alleged in saying so. I sent them gifts and greetings at Christmas and other events?"

    "That didn't serve them quite right, did it? My son is unable to attend college, instead he is working at a mechanic's shop. I am sorry Martin, but your gifts, your help was quite ineffective" snapped John

    "So what will you do now? Murder me?" muttered Martin slightly scared

    "No that won't help my family anyway. Moreover, I was your body guard. I was employed to ensure your security, not to assassinate you"- said John and his eyes were filled his tears.

    Soon Martin was woke up from his dream by the sound of the footsteps of his wife who was coming towards him. She was there to deliver him the evening tea.

    He muttered slightly under his breath apologetically "Sorry"

    "Sorry?" replied Jessica rather in an amusing tone.

    He said-"Sorry. Sorry, for all the injustice I did to you, being harsh to you...".

    "No, its alright. I know it was out of stress that you were on nerves" she said cutting him halfway and the conversation between them went on.

    It was as if the dream which he previously thought was a nightmare, served to be quite demonstrative to his soul and transformed his personality.

    Thereafter, he began providing consistent help to John's family. Later on, he employed John's son who was very clever and provided subtle ideas to Martin that brought about a revolution in his business which attained the heights, the ones it had never previously.