Thursday, April 21, 2011

Encroaching the brain and rescuing glory

A thing that surrounds and can't escape
Smothering and bound yet I couldn't make
When it was pushing inside and I didn't realise
I thought it was just for a while but it was encroaching my mind

Every part of my brain kept surrendering and being occupied
I was ruled over and served as a slave to the deeds

Needed some revolution to throw it out
When the idea of being ruled over was a doubt
Taken for granted, I was hanged
How it fucked me in the end?

It stole my glory, I assumed was divine
Decided to earn it back, so hard to find

But it was rebounding and the mere idea was enough
Occupying my brain once again
I knew what to do to plant the seeds back
I thought its not bad to surrender, what the heck?

The battle was on once again
I didn't turn up to see until the end
How many soldiers were shot dead on each side
Until one day when I read that story
With my morning tea & toast, I was delivered to glory

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