Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because I had the urge


I had the urge to walk into the woods deep within
I wanted to explore that beauty kept hidden
Without a clue I headed on
Kept hiking until it was dawn
I came by the pond side
Being surrounded by the fireflies
Hovering over the pond in the hazy flash
Like they are bading good byes to the morning skies

I had the urge to squeeze you in my arms so tight
I wanted to attain the orgasms of the infinite height
Couldn't just guess how you'd response
Still I kept kissing you on and on
Then there was a situation
You weren't under any obligation
You made the space between us zero
The day ended and I was your hero

I had the urge to have a desire
I waited desperately till I was set on fire
Didn't even know what I needed to gain
Kept struggling until I was drenched in pain
All of a sudden I was wandering in your land
I could sense you, that served as a stand
We approached each other and it was just you
That my escaping heart beats were kept due

I had the urge to fall in love
To feel and to sense all above
Never I knew would I make it to you
Yet my overflowing love did flow up to you
When I discovered you were charmed
Extending further, I didn't consider any harm
We were dissolving, rather we were on the roll
Now we exist together as a single soul

I had the urge to set it all free
I didn't care further if its you or me
Without caring for the outcome, I pushed it on
We chased it like grasses spreading by running in the lawn
But we merely ended up in a crash
And we scatterd all over like the ash
Perhaps we were tied by some unseen fate
Our destiny was to be each other's soul mate

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