Tuesday, April 20, 2010


All I was set to make a difference
Tried keeping a pace with my sense
Got to initiate on my own
An underdog, unnoticed, I moved on

While I was through the first lap
Got into light, had rivals by
Someone knocked and said, I was on wrong track
Pretending dumb and trying deaf, pondered what he meant

Distracted, I got struck with a weir on way
I fall on the ground and wounded my knee
Got up and begin to walk again
I realized my knee had pain

While on the track itself, I took a break
Gave a thought again, prior to second take
Could figure out what went wrong on the way
Accelerating fast was envying my fellow mates

Soon I gained back my consciousness
I marched again with a better aim
Though I didn't give it my very damn
Still I could clear the lap

The journey didn't end up at all
Crowd screamed aloud, to cheer me out
Didn't remember, this time it was a hurdle race
Overjoyed with the cheer ups, I lost my pace

 I struck with a hurdle, had a fall on ground
With a greater bang than the previous one
Had a greater impact on my mind
And I couldn't really make up this time

This made me lay on a bed
All day there, I had to rest
Tried thinking about it all over again
But pulled back, as I still had the pain

The haunts of the past experiences didn't last that early
I grew hopeless and had given up nearly
Then through a gap, to my bed, came a flash of light
Enough to focus, and for the fire within to ignite

While still recovering, I had given in again
I went into depth and tried to gain
Sharpened my vision, laying a stronger base
While still laying, I could anticipate

Soon the wounds heel, got me back on the track
Had enough in me now, to overcome those set backs
In the end, victory was mine and I realized
"Getting into depth, made me rise"

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A longing in life
A passion that ain't right
A soul grown desperate in a while
A craving, to have it this time

All say that you aren't true
I am aware and got the clue
You'll be my apocalypse indeed
Still tempted to do the deed

I try coming out of it
Something in you, I strive for it
Can't push out this hang over
No choice left, than to hand over

Previous encounters did make me count
Traces of it, still there and keeps me bound
Got to surrender and let it be
So, helplessly, I fall over for my destiny

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I tried being my very best
To get to you, leaving all the rest
But all my efforts did go in vain
Leaving me no where, but drenched in pain

I wanted to make it last anyhow
Then I thought it was a closure now
But every time you have been around
Driven out of the senses, I fall on the ground

Every time I strike with a new phase
Nothing I can see, other than your face
You've overruled my mind throughout the past
I wonder now, when it will come to last

I wish to flip and turn the time back
To make up to you finally, so i never have to pack
I want the nightmares to be pushed out of my sight
So I can sleep with sweet dreams all the night

Monday, April 12, 2010


For once I want to be in the haunted house
To see the spirits dancing, getting arouse
To have a greater impact on my mind forever
To embed you in my heart and lose you never

For once I want to taste the wine
To be lost in your beauty, so divine
To love you more with greater dedication
To own in life something out of passion

For once I want to be yours totally
To be surrounded by your image, immortally
To feel the love that is around
To bliss my soul, being deep and sound

 For once I want to make up to you
To make vows of being true with you
To make you realize what you mean to me
To go on together as we are destined to be

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cause it wasn't about doing and just giving it a try
I set my sails off to get across the bay
I rowed to direct the boat my way
But it were the waves that took it away

When it wasn't about reaching but seeing the target
I moved on to have the clearest view
The road was diminished in the mist of dew
Until I could end up, landing on the target I knew

Then it wasn't about winning and just getting through
I shut the rest and focused on my very next
Every new step turned up to be my best
In the end I stood better than the rest

At last it wasn't about living but merely surviving
I inhaled the air to pump up myself
I realized and enjoyed how this all went
I lived a lifetime that I did intend

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey the little one-"What makes you cry?"
Ah! Let me guess-That's perhaps the broken toy
You were involved in it 24X7 and got used to it
Or maybe you lost that was nearest to your heart
Oh no! Its your parents this time who lost their dearest
And that's 'YOU', they got so used to
I understand how does it feel like and I am sorry
But listen dear- Its insane and more is me
Because I can't explain 'HOW?' and 'WHY?'
For the most I can hug you and pat on your back
I can get you a candy and a new toy
To console you and plead you not to cry
But I know that won't help cause you are just five

And turning to your parents
Expecting them to have a better sight
I found them also crying- I wonder why?
To them, it must be known that there is nothing they own
All this is a glimpse of the mighty, that is soon to pass by
But as they grow, they are drown
Sinking and mingled with the fake worldly delights

You are just a bud of flower, that's yet being nurtured
Got your own world surrounded by roses
That fragrant the air around you and you breathe it
Whenever there is a storm, its the elder ones
That wake up without letting you know
They fight and safeguard you until they die
But never let disappear the apple of their eye

When you are exposed you realize your fate
You come to know life is an ordeal to face
You've got to fight your own battles
Sometimes you win while others you lose
Victory is what lifts you up
Every lost battle counts and yanks you down
But its all about how you shape your base
That keeps you fly high
Till you end up winning the race

And probably it will be too late
Might be just prior to your death bed
That you realize nothing is yours
Everything you earned in life adds up to your debts
One you have got to pay when you were about to leave
Cause this life is all about giving up in the end
What we receive

In your mean time whatever you lost
Actually had never been yours
And what belongs to you is never lost
But you can't even claim this life being yours
A day in everyone's life when they die
And all goes to nothingness
"So hush dear baby and please don't cry"