Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I tried being my very best
To get to you, leaving all the rest
But all my efforts did go in vain
Leaving me no where, but drenched in pain

I wanted to make it last anyhow
Then I thought it was a closure now
But every time you have been around
Driven out of the senses, I fall on the ground

Every time I strike with a new phase
Nothing I can see, other than your face
You've overruled my mind throughout the past
I wonder now, when it will come to last

I wish to flip and turn the time back
To make up to you finally, so i never have to pack
I want the nightmares to be pushed out of my sight
So I can sleep with sweet dreams all the night


  1. oh my god... applauses.... i have no words... u r awesome

  2. yar...its amazing..i wonder how you wrote them...great work yar..hats off to ma rockstar

  3. gr8 work man...keep it up. m really impressed