Tuesday, April 20, 2010


All I was set to make a difference
Tried keeping a pace with my sense
Got to initiate on my own
An underdog, unnoticed, I moved on

While I was through the first lap
Got into light, had rivals by
Someone knocked and said, I was on wrong track
Pretending dumb and trying deaf, pondered what he meant

Distracted, I got struck with a weir on way
I fall on the ground and wounded my knee
Got up and begin to walk again
I realized my knee had pain

While on the track itself, I took a break
Gave a thought again, prior to second take
Could figure out what went wrong on the way
Accelerating fast was envying my fellow mates

Soon I gained back my consciousness
I marched again with a better aim
Though I didn't give it my very damn
Still I could clear the lap

The journey didn't end up at all
Crowd screamed aloud, to cheer me out
Didn't remember, this time it was a hurdle race
Overjoyed with the cheer ups, I lost my pace

 I struck with a hurdle, had a fall on ground
With a greater bang than the previous one
Had a greater impact on my mind
And I couldn't really make up this time

This made me lay on a bed
All day there, I had to rest
Tried thinking about it all over again
But pulled back, as I still had the pain

The haunts of the past experiences didn't last that early
I grew hopeless and had given up nearly
Then through a gap, to my bed, came a flash of light
Enough to focus, and for the fire within to ignite

While still recovering, I had given in again
I went into depth and tried to gain
Sharpened my vision, laying a stronger base
While still laying, I could anticipate

Soon the wounds heel, got me back on the track
Had enough in me now, to overcome those set backs
In the end, victory was mine and I realized
"Getting into depth, made me rise"

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  1. getting into depth will always let u rise....u will rise