Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can see a charm in your face
But that's got to be beautified
I'll add up as a diamond on you
So together we shine and glorify

I can see your eyes are intoxicating
But still you got to pour some wine
I'll further add to your hang over
So together we are lost in a different world

I can realize your words being true
But still you've got to prove
I'll search for evidences and make the claim
So together we'll come out of all the blames

I can see a flash in your soul
But that has yet to be ignited
I'll spark up to put on the fire
So together we'll burn and enlighten

I can feel the magic in your hands
But still you've got to wave your wand
I'll teach you all the spells
So together we'll do some miracles

I can see the pace in your steps
But still you've got to accelerate
I'll give to your game, an ultimate ace
So together we'll run winning every race


  1. what a lovely poem ...again Formidable!!

  2. very good is very good....sachi yar tu bhut jabardast likhta h....heart touching.

  3. dis z amazing....unique..keep it up