Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I do have the words to speak
But a rhyme is all I need
That gives my voice a melody
Making me sound better and steady
I do have thoughts to ponder
But an expression is all I need
That may add to me some rationality
Taking a step forward towards reality

Though I've got many teachers to learn from
But a 'mentor' is all I need
One who can spot out my Achilles' heel
Skills me thoroughly, turning me flawless

Though I do have friends to freak
But a soul-mate is all I need
The one that causes my heart to beat
Always giving me a consistent heat

Though I have passions to achieve
But love of life is all I need
Making me surrender blindly to it
Sharpening my vision, targeting to hit

Though I have got a meaning of my being
But a purpose of life is all I need
Moving for it, so I never turn back
Climbing the heights, gaining what I lack


  1. awesome!!
    yar its one of your really shows what really you are??

  2. mein teri fan ho gayi hun.... poori tarah se....I Love u....

  3. love u 2 di nd thanx a lot didi, alok and dua...its just you guys who've been reading my every poem and motivating me consistently to write more...