Thursday, May 13, 2010


To me, it was all a new land                       
None to help, lending their hand  
I wanted to move back, tried to flee                          
But you made up to me, holding me firmly

Every day, with the arrival of dawn, I opened my eyes
Turning them out of the window, expecting something better to sigh                               
But a terrible scenario struck, kept me waiting for night                              
You came to me and my day could pass alright

I wanted to relax at night, laid me down to sleep                                
In the darkness of night, to my bed, I did leap                    
The nightmares haunted and I heard few frightening screams
But you came to my thoughts and I had sweet dreams

On the boulevard, I began creeping          
All began tossing me as I wasn’t leaving                
I had no option left, than to run                                                    
You stood by me, giving me the courage to face the sun  

Walking alone, leery and in deep sorrow
None such, with whom a piece of advice I could borrow                       
I couldn’t survive as I had no ace                        
You were telepathic with me and provided me solace


After getting through, I walked to the hall of fame
Where all were singing praises of my name   
I squirmed along as I was a new face                                                       
Your mere touch stabilized me and offered the grace

Something still I had to search                                         
It was my soul that was on perch      
To somewhere safe and sound, I wanted to land                
You took me to depth, giving me the stand                                                       

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  1. Another good one....keep on going in the surely gonna write ur future very bright...some day..good luck rockstar!