Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was blessed being born as your son
Learning every little thing from you was a fun
Knowing how to speak and how to walk
All this I owe to you and still there is much to talk

As a child, I might have never mind and known
But now I am grown up and got to be on my own
Grateful that you taught me how to run
But directing me all the way, is not done
Cause it ain’t about what you have planned for me
But all about how I want it to be

I know regarding me you have some dreams
The ones if I live up to, will make you beam
I am indebted to you for bothering about my future
But now it is growing more like a torture
I may be sounding very rude
But this ain’t anyway the truth
Deciding their future, is everyone’s right
So is mine and I’ve got to fight

Maybe you see me standing somewhere distinct
But I won’t go far with it, as there I lack that instinct
And perhaps I will shine but like a moon
With the borrowed light, that departs soon
And I’ve got to shine like the sun
And to illuminate, I’ll myself burn

You were an ideal son;
Lived up to the expectations of your father
Kept your own interests at a bay, rather
Perhaps its been the family trend since the past
But now its time we should make it last

I tried handing over to you, assuming you were right
But now I am so obsessed and it has reached the height
And today, if I hand over to you this charge
It will grow uncontrolled and very large
I would turn to my sons to compensate
To fulfill my wishes putting their on wait

It was your duty to think about my future
So is mine; I too have to let my sons nurture
That today I am going against this prejudiced tradition
Cause somewhere it has to begin for the coming generations


  1. Great one...infact its the best one...its time to move on and time to change the traditions....good luck to us...

  2. yeah...very right...v gonna change dis generation!!!!