Wednesday, July 7, 2010


P.S. This poem has been fashioned to rhyme in a rap

Girls brought up professionally ain't no more charmed with soft toys
The generation has given them much to exploit, the desperate boys
They make these boys dance to their beats
Once used up, the boy further won't receive any greets
They suck these boys from deep inside
Though these boys can't afford but they still hide

Boys learn to groove and follow the steps
Warned by other boys, they'd say-"Cut the crap"

Just to seek from them a hi or hello
They go on chasing after them like a mad buffalo
Looking at any girl they fall in crush
When friends try to confirm, they deny and secretly blush
They go on sacrificing and trying their luck
To pass some time with them, they'll spend loads of bucks

For once they would even give up their self pride
I guess somewhere their soul has died
After being ditched they spend whole night crying
Thinking themselves to be useless, they feel like dying
Perhaps that is the only purpose of their birth
To serve that girl were they brought down to earth

But these boys are desperate and very determined
They'll say to them "never say die cause its worth giving in"
They once again begin to gamble with their life
They got a longing of being pronounced as man and wife
They have got to make it before its too late
Perhaps an extra effort may change their fate

Something really one has got to pick up from these men
That's their attitude-"I think I can"

Now wake up dumb asses before its too late
You'll end up dreaming while life keep on shutting for you every gate
In the end you'll find there is nowhere you made
And nothing you got, just their bills unpaid