Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tired of trying to get rid off your past?
Perhaps to come out of it, you'd been running very fast
But the faster your run, the faster it chases you
You are perplexed and wonder what it owes to you

When you simply wanna let it go
Though you come across many who still waited in a row
You may indeed distance it, fastening your steps
The vestige of your soul detaches and drops over there
That clings by you and never let it go
And everytime you look back it turns up to show

Its like a mirror
You'll see your image there
You wonder that you are paranoid
But you'll keep running to avoid

After so many efforts if you still find yourself helpless
Just sit down over there, take a deep breath and relax
Life will go on as it always do
So will your past run, overtaking you
The part of your soul now runs ahead
Once again it reflects your image

Then again you race but not to run away
Now you run to follow and chase
Cause thats the only place where you can see the shade
Thats now what you got to seek in future
Though you gave in to detatch but was always around
And is something that always keeps you bound
Until you found
Once you fall in you never come out


  1. another grt 1 suvrat..
    very beautiful indeed..!!

  2. another niceeee poem...ek dum badiya h...good job rockstar.