Monday, October 25, 2010


   You wanna rhyme
                     and I'll let you sing
   You wanna fly high
                     I'll give you the wings
   You wanna go wild
                     I'll let you in a forest
   You wanna smile
                     I'll make a jest

              I'll be there for you always
   Whenever you're in dark, I'll send in the rays
        If you are feeling scared, I'll embrace
      If you're in despair, I'll give you the faith
                  Just love you always

   You wanna cry out loud
                           I'll amplify your voice
   You wanna have fun time
                           I'll make some noise
   You plan to battle down
                           I'll be your charioteer
   You seek for new ways
                           I'll be your navigator

                    I'll be with you forever
    Whenever you feel lonely, I'll turn you a raver
      If you're stuck with monotony, I'll endeavor
   If you wanna go outlaw, I'll give you the waiver
                  Just be with you forever

PS: I was finding it difficult to select the snap for this poem. My friend Puneet helped me out with this....A big thanks to him!!!


  1. friends r always for help.........
    there is no sorry & thanx

  2. awewsmm dude...kaafi time baad likhi h bt really beautiful...carry on rockstar

  3. again a nice work ...carry on man ...

  4. good work suvrat!!! bful lines.... keep blogging!