Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I pushed so long, so hard to reach
Oh I am streching my hand to get a firm grasp
I am running so fast to be on the sails
So long I waited to be on this voyage

I dreamt of this world, that seems a parallel land
I am stepping inside for the nightmares to end
Somewhere down the line, I tracked the site
Struggling to see what's beyond the might
Perhaps a fortune ahead, waiting to be explored
Cheers of the victory lost in the loudest roars

I stepped in where the crew mates greeted me
They offered me dinner, that served to my hunger
I ate to my stomach's fill
I never had a better taste until

Yet at night, after the evening's wine
A cozy bed, besides the window, from where the stars shine
Overcoming the day's anxiety and what lays ahead
I looked back on time laying cold and dead

Certainly there were time bringing up memories to cherish
But there lies ahead my soul, yet to nourish
And more of the world that had been insane
No better than the flood with the drowning rain

And lost in my thoughts, I doze off
With the arrival of dawn, freshly I woke up
I stepped out in the sun for some fresh air
Greeted by the new faces, all were familiar

After the breakfast they taught me my task
Though never pursued but long anticipated,
I could easily grasp;
Deeply involved, I lost the track of time
I got convinced as I found the rhyme
In a way, I had found my childhood back
I went smoothly as I had the knack

In few days, I was treated as their equal self
I had been into insights, where I delve

At nights we gather for the evening drinks
Sharing their past and the times when they sink
The elder ones turned up to share their experiences
How they fought and stepped ahead, leaving behind the grievances
Abandoning the sweet girl that was meant to be his wife
But all agreed "Time on the deck was time of their life"

Once again in the morning we rowed together
Towards an unseen mission that lies farther

We don't know where our mission lies
Against all the odds, that defies
We gathered the courage to move along
Committed to the goal that we long
Nurturing the crest of the new family,
to which we belong;

So I bade good bye to the yester years
Every step I take is a farewell to fears
With firm determination and sharp vision
I head for my dreams, towards my mission


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