Thursday, September 2, 2010


To the humanity I am the biggest curse
I spread faster than any plague or virus
But anyway I ain't the one that's faulty
Cause you see- Man has only made me

I am fastening my steps, extending my approach
Be it a government employee or a celebrity, everyone I coach
I also solve the state affair as I reach the politicians
You may condemn me socially, but deeply I'll seek your appreciation

Perhaps I am a dirty word that one avoids to use
But I am widely practiced leaving no dues
I alter the judgment from bailiff in the court
I am the reason for polluting the sports

Although I am the reason for killing the spirit of any sport
But I compensate giving rise to many new games...
Sailing with flow in the boat
I am a gamer, I am a gambler
I bait you and I am your preacher

I will greet you even if you plan for higher studies
I will let in there with you, the dirty and the rowdies
I am a short cut method that glitters and attracts
I compromise poor and talented for the rich brats

And politicians and sportsmen are just to name a few
Though hidden, but even the common man is on the move
Cause conviction and victimization are the two faces
of the same coin..
Though heading in different directions but competing in same races

I am accused and always on the target
Yet never charged and always put on wait
I move on accelerating through new and a different way
I may land you somewhere, that resembles your goal...
But its apparent and from the real one that's far away

I may take long to be exposed and come in light
And many a times I remain uncovered even at infinite heights
I do harm many but that ain't my concern
Those who apply me assuming an ointment
Beware that I may heel at an instant
But finally I will have to burn

Cause I extend beyond the infinities
I have no peaks and no fixed ways
And the one you are playing your pranks on
May overtake you through a different way(ha ha)

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